Lawrence County School System

Schools and Community: Working Together for Student Success

Pre-K has 11 classrooms in the county. Each classroom is limited to 20 children. Students must turn 4 years old by August 15 of the current school year. Proof of income is required to be eligible for the program. A certified birth certificate, shot record and physical are required before your child can start school.

Pre-K Supervisor

Robin Thompson


Phone: (931) 762-3581 Ext. 127

Fax: (931) 766-1919

Secretary/ Pre-K

Christy Harris


Phone: (931)-762-3581 Ext. 109

Fax: (931)-766-1919

David Crockett Elementary

Shannon Brazier, Teacher

Monica Perry, Assistant

Renay Fernandez, Teacher

Debbie Rose, Assistant

(931) 766-4478

Ethridge Elementary

Laura Hardy, Teacher

Suzanne Owens, Assistant

(931) 201-5880

Ingram Sowell Elementary

Joni Franks, Teacher

Shirley Ellis, Assistant

Tasha Taylor, Teacher

Yolanda Cross, Assistant

(931) 762-4438

Summertown Elementary

Gina Bryant, Teacher

Becky Snook, Assistant

(931) 964-3614

Lawrenceburg Public Elementary

Carol Wall, Teacher

Nancy Benefield, Assistant

Cindy Edwards, Teacher

Donna Jacobs, Assistant

(931) 762-3282

Leoma Elementary

Jessica Fowler, Teacher

Crystal Fisher, Assistant

(931) 231-8199

New Prospect Elementary

Rhoda Powell, Teacher

Sharon Brown, Assistant

(931) 762-2934

South Lawrence Elementary

Susan Alsup, Teacher

Pam Stepp, Assistant

(931) 201-5884

All schools listed provide busing for the Pre-K program.