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Eligibility and Enrollment

Updated: Sep 15, 2020


We provide an innovative learning experience to help 21st-century students build a strong foundation for a lifetime of achievement. We strive to make assurances that the virtual setting is the best educational placement for each student enrolled. The curriculum is rigorous and requires the student to be self-motivated and self-disciplined. 

Requirements for Pioneer Virtual Academy:

  • Students enrolled must be highly motivated with good time management skills.

  • Students will complete the semester in which they enroll. 

  • Attendance, academics, and behavior will be considered in the enrollment process.

  • Students must have access to the internet for a sufficient amount of time to complete the instructional program (including assignments, online communication and collaboration, research, and access to supplemental online resources). 

  • Students may only participate in LCSS extracurricular activities, including sports,  provided by PVA.

To begin the enrollment process, please complete the form below. Following submission, we will contact you to gather additional information and schedule an interview.


Complete the form below:

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