Board of Education

2022 Regular Session

Date:   October 20, 2022 

Time:  5:00 pm

Locations: The Central Office,

1620 Springer Rd., Lawrenceburg

For live streaming, go to the Lawrence County School System's website at and click on the "Live Board Meetings" link.  


Board Meeting 2022-2023 Schedule


2022 Meeting Dates

June 23
Regular Meeting
August 18
Regular Meeting

  September 15
Regular Meeting
October 20
Regular Meeting
November (12/01)
Regular Meeting
No Regular Meeting Scheduled


2023 Meeting Dates

January 19
Regular Meeting
February 16
Regular Meeting

March 23
Regular Meeting
April 27
Regular Meeting
May 25
Regular Meeting
June 22
Regular Meeting
August 17
Regular Meeting

Kevin Caruso.jpg

Kevin Caruso

Board Chairman / District 8
John Daniel.jpg

John Daniel

Vice Chairman / District 5
Jerry Dryden.jpg

Jerry Dryden

District 4
Royce Neidert.jpg

Royce Neidert

District 1
Brenda Jacobs.jpg

Brenda Jacobs

District 3
Corey Rochelle.jpg

Corey Rochelle

District 6
Nicky Hartsfield.jpg

Nicky Hartsfield

District 9
Ricky Mabry.jpg

Ricky Mabry

District 7
Kirk Weathers.jpg

Kirk Weathers

District 2