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Food Services & Nutrition

We are THRILLED to be able to feed ALL students at ALL of our schools BREAKFAST & LUNCH at NO COST through the 2023-2024 School Year!




All Lawrence County school cafeterias are proud to operate under the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) for school year 2023-2024. This program is an option for select schools in Tennessee that participate in the federally-funded National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Programs. Under CEP, all students attending school in the Lawrence County school system are offered a nutritious breakfast and lunch each school day at no cost, regardless of a student's eligibility status. While a complete meal is free, parents are encouraged to send money with students for extras, such as bottled water, a slice of pizza, juice, or ice cream. You will not need to complete a free and reduced application this year. 


Kindlyn Simpson

Supervisor, Food Service/Nutrition


931-762-1140 (Fax)

Jim Roberson

School Food Service Maintenance


931-762-1140 (Fax)

Jennifer Collier

Bookkeeper & Secretary, School Nutrition


931-762-1140 (Fax)

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