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LCSS CTE STE(A)M Expands eSports+

Saturday, December 4, 2021, marks the breaking ground of LCSS CTE eSports+ events occurring throughout the Lawrence County Schools System. In addition to the definition of traditional eSports as video gaming teams, the CTE STE(A)M Department is adding to the arena to include Robotics, Drones, and Aqua Robotics. All of which is the culmination of the Adkins Administrations STE(A)M Initiative. FIRST LEGO Robotics Stillhouse Hollow Official Qualifier kicked off with teams ready to compete! With community partnerships like TN Valley Robotics, Loretto Telecom, DRM, Inmotion Robotics, Dura Auto, Amazon, Walmart, Tn Tech, Online Capital Group (, and FIRST, it is no wonder all 27 robotics Teams throughout Lawrence County completed the Saturday Event. We are proud of all Teams that represented every LCSS K-8 school.

We will have a handful of Teams invited to the State Competition held at TN Tech on February 12, 2022.

Awards will be announced Monday, December 6, and invitations for State later in the week.

We would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Joiner of LCHS, in addition to his Faculty and Staff, as well as our Robotics Game Table Referees & Judges:

Game Table Referees Head Referee: Mike Renfro Barry Brian of DRM Bryan Brewer of Inmotion Jason Shelton of Loretto Telecom Bailey Barnett of Dura Auto

Judges Judge Ad: Carolyn Renfro Robot Design Mike Humphreys Tracey Newton Lee McKissack Joe Telker Nick Quillen Samantha Childress Innovation Project Leisa Greene Rebecca Hardiman Rachel Jennings Jenny Haggerty Melanie Buchanan Brandon Rich Core Values Bridget Holden Molly Rogers Rhet Kennedy Hayden Hicks Caleb Hunter Kristen Pattewrson

Student Volunteers Koda Davis Brody Tidwell Mauricio Cortez Will Brian Landen Wilcoxson Justice Hughes Jayden Fisher Elijah Shannon Ashton Stults Garrett Pilkinton Gabe Frakes Jaycie Jakes Catherine Smith Cassie Rochelle Will Gulley Kevin Hu Josh Heflin Kaley Tease Yazmin Cortez Jesus Cortez Rob Beard Reese Hickok

If you would like to the recordings of our live stream, please visit

Leaderboard for the Game Table & Event Manual

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