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33 Main St, Ethridge, TN 38456


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The mission of Ethridge Elementary School is to provide a safe place where students are guided to reach their full potential 


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The first schoolhouse in Ethridge was built in 1886 on one and one-half acres of land donated by Y.M. Hudson and deeded to a board of trustees.  The building was to be constructed by the board and was to be used for both school and church, with all denominations having access.  The name of the school was Hudson Academy.


Hudson Academy continued until a new school was built in 1906 on the Old County Farm Road.  This wooden structure housed the Ethridge Junior High School and included grades one through ten. By 1912-1913, the school became so overcrowded that the first and second grades were moved to the Old United Brethren Church.


In 1931, the old Ethridge Junior High was moved to their new school which is in the present location.  The new brick Ethridge School represented the latest in construction at that time. A cafeteria was opened in the basement in January of 1947 with canned foods donated by parents and women in the community.  The cafeteria was moved to the center part of the building, indoor restrooms were added to the rear of the building, a gymnasium was built, and two new classrooms were added to the front of the building during the late 1940s to early 1950s.  Two other classrooms were added to the rear of the building in 1971-1972.


The Ethridge School continued operation in the same building from 1931 through 1985. In September 1985, the Ethridge School faculty and students moved into one-half of their new school.  By Christmas vacation, they were able to totally move into the new school, a modern facility designed for grades K-8.  Gone was the old school, except for the gymnasium and the two newer classrooms that were retained for storage areas. 


In 1996, due to the growth of the school, a new wing was added to the campus to house the primary grades.  A breezeway was also added that connected the old and new buildings. In 1998, a new gymnasium was erected, however, the old gym remained and was still used for activities, parties, and sporting events until it was removed in 2016. Two new classrooms were constructed in 2010 and the gymnasium, new wing, and breezeway were enclosed to secure the entire campus. 


As long as there has been a community, there has been a school for Ethridge youth.  The importance of education to the community can be seen, not only in the emphasis its citizens have placed upon it, but in the products the school has, in turn, given the community:  well-educated, skilled, productive citizens.

Brief History of EES

Ethridge Elementary

33 Main St, Ethridge, TN 38456


931-829-2373 (Fax)

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