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LCSS STEM Leadership Team Attends TSIN STEM Summit!

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Earlier this week, the LCSS STEM/STE(A)M Leadership Team attended the 2023 Innovation Summit to acquire new cutting-edge STEM/STE(A)M strategies and show support for Ingram Sowell Elementary as they received STEM Designation. Ms. Shannon Whatson (CTE Director) cheered on her team of ISES Principal Tracy Marks, Annemarie Lampright (STEM/STE(A)M Coordinator), and STEM Leads Paula Davis, Chris Simpson, Carter Henson, Garrick Barnett, Amanda Gist, and Ethridge STE(A)M School Principal Christy Crews for the two-day event. There were many takeaways that will benefit LCSS students. In addition, TN Education STEM Director Audra Block surprised everyone with her announcement that all new STEM and STE(A)M Designated schools will receive a whopping $35,000 to invest in STEM at their schools!!! That means not only will Ingram Sowell receive $35,000, but Ethridge STE(A)M School will receive $5,000 as well!!!! Congratulations to Ingram Sowell STEM School and the LCSS Leadership Team for supporting our kids and ensuring Lawrence County Students receive STEM4ALL!

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