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LPS Tennessee Reward School
LPS Tennessee Reward School

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Michael Adkins

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Director of Schools 
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Message to LCSS Family - 


2020-2021 was a challenging year for educators around the nation. With so much uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, our professional educators, support staff, certified employees, and every employee in the Lawrence County School System conquered the many challenges along the path, and because of them, our students reaped the benefits. On behalf of Chairman of the Board of Education, Mr. Kevin Caruso and the entire Board, a hearty thank you to the dedicated men and women of the Lawrence County School System.


As we move past COVID-19’s uncertainties, our students return to the bus stops, cafeteria, classroom, nurse’s office, guidance, maintenance garages, etc. and our employees return with a renewed sense of pride in the work that is Public Education. 

Last fall, I commented about the impact COVID would have on us professionally, stating, “I am confident that we will come out of this stronger and more prepared…” Visit after visit to classrooms and schools last year convinced me even more that LCSS employees are Difference Makers!


As the Director of Schools, I look forward to facing the challenges that await and formulating the solutions to any issues that arise. Together, as we begin the 2021-2022 academic year, I remain confident that we will come out of this stronger and more prepared to educate our students with enhanced technology and infrastructure, a true 1:1 device program, better strategies and techniques, a plethora of lessons learned and failures that will provide our students with instructional strategies for the 21st century.  Most of all, I believe we will be more appreciative of the great opportunity we have to shape the lives of young people from the day they enter our buildings as Pre-K students to the day they leave as young men and women receiving a diploma. We are truly blessed to call ourselves educators. 


From the chaos of COVID, comes great opportunity-let’s use the opportunity to be a Difference Maker in the lives of our students.




Michael Adkins

Mr. Michael Adkins, Ed. S.

Director of Schools