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Erin Jorge & Abigail's Plan Recognized as Difference Makers

Lawrence County is no stranger to Difference Makers. On October 24th, an extraordinary educator named Erin Jorge, who completed an extraordinary project at Summertown Elementary, was recognized at the LCSS Board of Education Meeting. The 6-year Sensory Playground Project is designed to reach the Universal Design Learners in grades PreK-6th at Summertown Elementary. Not only is it the first of its kind in the Lawrence County School District, but it also features a partnership with Abigail's Plan. Ms. Jorge began this endeavor in 2016 and raised over $160,000 for this specialized playground by selling shirts and gathering local donations. In 2019, the partnership with Abigail's Plan materialized, and the Summertown Sensory Playground has since met its goal of $300,000. On October 24th, SES Principal Mr. Ricky Mabry Jr. reported to the LCSS School Board that all playground equipment had been ordered and the completion of the Sensory Playground will be complete by December 2023. We want to Congratulate Erin Jorge, Abigail's Plan, and Summertown Elementary for taking on such an incredible project and making a difference in the lives of our students!

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