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LCSS Named a Best for All District

The Michael Adkins Administration has shown an outstanding commitment to the Students, Families, Community, and staff in Lawrence County, and it has become exceedingly noticeable! Last week, the Tennessee Department of Education announced that Lawrence County School System was 1 of the 68 districts that received statewide recognition as Best for All Districts. This was partly due to significantly investing in federal COVID-19 stimulus funding to drive student achievement and improved academic outcomes. The exciting news for LCSS came as Governor Bill Lee announced a Day of Recognition in honor of Best for All Districts on Friday, February 11, 2022. The Governor also stated that all Best for All Districts would also receive financial, operational, celebratory, and resource benefits in appreciation for districts' planned investments to spend their share of the $3.58 billion in federal COVID-19 relief and stimulus funding directly on services, resources, and supports that will help students achieve academically.

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