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LCSS Takes 4 Awards @ State Robotics Competition!

Congratulations to all 14 of our LCSS Robotics Teams for completing an Amazing Robotics Season! Out of the 17 Awards given, LCSS Teams captured 4. Our coaches and kids did Lawrenceburg Proud by showing gracious professionalism, high-level robotics knowledge, and dedication over the weekend while competing at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville.

Congratulations to Garrick Barnett and his EO Coffman Teams LEGO Ninjagos for an impressive 3rd Place OVERALL Champions Award and his Mecha-Tech Team, who placed the 3rd highest Robot Game Table Score receiving a Robot Performance Award!

Ethridge Elementary's Amanda Gist & her Rock N' Robots showed an extraordinary implementation of the FIRST LEGO Challenge and took 1st Place Core Values!

Carmen Kilbun and her LEGO Rockets are on a roll for David Crockett. They showed incredible persistence and brought the Motivate Award home for their school!

1 - 9532 - NX36T 2 - 12472 - Greeneville Block Jocks 3 - 51861 - Lego Ninjagos

Innovation Project Award

1 - 24780 - LeGoat 2 - 25262 - RoboKnights 3 - 3132 - Jefferson Middle School Master Builders

Motivate Award 1 - 46131 - LEGO Rockets

Robot Design Award 1 - 336 - Atomic Eagles 2 - 5358 - Webb Robotics - FLL 3 - 47037 - CAK Warriors (6th and 7th Grade)

Robot Performance Award 1 - 9532 - NX36T 2 - 24780 - LeGoat 3 - 51867 - MECHA-TEK

Core Values Award

1 - 51860 - Rock N' Robots 2 - 48945 - Saint Henry School TIGERS 3 - 52577 - Johnson City West Market

Rising All-Star Award 1 - 17641 - Ballistic Blobfish

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Davynn Richert
Davynn Richert
Mar 07, 2022



Davynn Richert
Davynn Richert
Mar 07, 2022

I don't get it.


Eric Manneschmidt
Eric Manneschmidt
Feb 14, 2022

I was the lead judge in the panel that judged the Lego Ninjagoes and I was impressed. There were several things that made their win (all important, not in any particular order).

1. They had a good attitude. Attitude is important especially these days when people believe and do say whatever they want regardless of who it may hurt. This team were composed, polite, and even gave mention to one member who couldn't make it that day.

2. They had a great robot and learned some advanced techniques to use for navigation (gyro sensor). They also had folding attachments which is something I've NEVER seen or heard of in FLL and I've been doing this for 20 years (yeah, I'…

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